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Motion Sickness Relief Travel Ointment Nausea Vomiting Plaster Headache Dizzy

Motion Sickness Relief Travel Ointment Nausea Vomiting Plaster Headache Dizzy

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Disclaimer: We make no therapeutic use claims regarding the use of this product.

This product is classified by the MHRA as (GSL) and does not require a prescription, however you should follow the instructions on how to use and consult a healthcare professional if you experience any unwanted side effects.


Rhizoma Ligustici , Corydalis , Olibanum , Myrrha , Rhizoma Zingiberis , Clematidis , Ramulus Cinnamomi , Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii , Herba Lycopodii , Cortex Acanthopanax Radicis , Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae , Amur Corktree Bark , Radix ,Saposhnikovi Volatile Oil , Borneolum Syntheticum , Cetearyl Alcohol , Glycerin , Stearic Acid , Vaseline ,Chlorhexidine Acetate , Water


1.Small and light, can fit in a pocket, bag, or suitcase.

2.Natural herbal ingredients, harmless to the human body.

3.Suitable for people with motion sickness during long-distance travel.

4.Easy to use, safe, and with no side effects. The paste is easy to apply and be absorbed

5.Helps prevent nausea, dizziness & vomiting.

How to use:

1. Clean and dry your temples or behind the ear before use.

2. Apply the cream to the temples or behind the ear evenly and massage it gently until completely absorbed.

3. Use as and when needed.

Please Note:

1. Only for external use,keep it away from your eyes,nose and mouth.

2. Do not use on damaged skin or wounds.

3. Stop using it immediately if you are allergic it after use.

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