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Stretch Marks Removal Cream Pregnancy Scar Cuts Burns Skin Care Repair Cream UK

Stretch Marks Removal Cream Pregnancy Scar Cuts Burns Skin Care Repair Cream UK

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Pasjel Cream aims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in women after regular use. As per its description, it has a 2-in-1 formula that aims to brighten the skin using oil extracts and vitamins, revealing smooth and even skin in just a few months. It’s a popular cream product with high reviews and ratings. But is it all hype? Let’s learn more about the cream product in this review.


Glycerin. Works best as a moisturizer, giving more hydration to much-needed areas of the skin. This is at the top of the product ingredients list, so we can safely say this product can at least be a good moisturizer.

Isopropyl Palmitate. While a great emollient, this ingredient also gives the product its fragrances. This gives the cream its soft and smooth texture too.

Alpha Arbutin. Functions as a skin brightening component. Alpha arbutin is a common depigmenting agent found in your everyday whitening product.

Jojoba Seed Oil. The jojoba oil, or more technically a jojoba wax ester, is a sebum-like molecule that has wondrous moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties. It can produce a protective layer on the skin and at the same time penetrate more deeply into the pores to give the appearance of a supple, soft glow.

Soluble Collagen. A network of molecules found in animals. While collagen in a cream jar doesn’t actually add more to the existing collagen found deep in our skin, it is an excellent moisturizer, owing to its large size and immense water-binding capabilities.

Vitamin E. An antioxidant known for its health benefits that can help protect the skin against harmful UVB rays. This keeps the skin more nourished.

Direction for use

This product comes in a 30g package intended for everyday use. Apply the cream twice a day, morning and night, to get the best results. Do note that this will work better on newer marks, and you’ll need to take time to massage it gently into the area to really see results.

This product is a natural supplement, not a medicine. This product does not require a medical prescription and does not contain any prescription ingredients. The results may not work the same for everybody.

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